SOPRANO aims at developing clean and efficient combustion technologies for aircraft engines to low-medium TRL (up to TRL5), able to satisfy simultaneously the following challenges:

  • Meet the ambitious ACARE NOx and CO2 objectives,
  • Enhance the combustor’s liner durability,
  • Control the emitted PM in terms of mass, number and morphology.

This can be broken down into the following scientific, industrial and dissemination detailed objectives.

The SOPRANO project’s main scientific objective is to make a breakthrough in the overall investigation efforts in the field of soot particles chemistry, particles size distribution (PSD), and their radiative effect on combustors typical of aero-engines. SOPRANO aims at a qualitative shift in the knowledge and experimental and numerical approaches related to the characterization and prediction of soot emission and interaction with radiative Low NOx combustor environment.

The main industrial objective of SOPRANO is to carry out an in-depth characterization of soot particles emitted by a modern combustor at engine relevant operating conditions and at increased pressures to pave the way for the future design of high-performance combustors: a more accurate evaluation of the radiation effect and, therefore, a more reliable liner temperature prediction, will drive a review of the design criteria in terms of combustor air distribution and will improve durability of some key modules, e.g. the combustor’s liners.