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Loughborough, United Kingdom

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The Department of Aeronautical and Automotive Engineering at Loughborough University has been active for 40 years in teaching and research in the area of gas-turbine propulsion systems. In 1991 the University Technology Centre (UTC) in Combustion Aerodynamics as formed, specializing in both experimental and computational methods research on all aspects of combustion system aerodynamics. Such flows are often strongly influenced by the upstream compressor flow whilst also being subjected to effects such as strong diffusion, streamline curvature and high swirl. Experience with these types of flows has therefore led to aerodynamic related work being conducted in other areas of a gas turbine where such effects are present. This includes by-pass ducts, axial and swirling compressor transition duct flows, the design of ducting systems for inter-cooled engine…

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Task 1.1: Strategic decision making and project governance
Task 1.2: Scientific Coordination and technical review
Task 1.3: Project management and administration

WP2 : Validated tools for accurate PSD soot prediction

Task 2.1: Experiments correlated to soot formation
Task 2.2: Comprehension of phenomena related to soot formation and oxidation - detailed sub models
Task 2.3: Soot modelling for numerical simulations of turbulent flames
Task 2.4: Model validation and application

WP3 : Reliable cooling design for durable combustors

Task 3.1: Near-wall region improved description
Task 3.2: Understanding of heat transfer and cooling

WP4 : Innovative applications

Task 4.1: Combustor optimization for soot reduction
Task 4.2: Innovative low emission injection systems and thermal optimization of the combustor

WP5 : Dissemination and Exploitation

Task 5.1: Development of dissemination & communication plan
Task 5.2: Dissemination & communication
Task 5.3: Exploitation Planning
Task 5.4: IP Management
Task 5.5: Interaction with Regulatory networks