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Courcouronnes, France

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Safran Aircraft Engines is a company of Safran Group. Safran Group is a high technology group, specialized in Propulsion, Communication, Equipment and Defense Security.

Safran Aircraft Engines is one of the world’s leading aerospace propulsion companies, with a wide range of propulsion systems on offer. By drawing on these different propulsion technologies, Safran Aircraft Engines leverages its ability to deliver innovative solutions and develop the multidisciplinary synergies which are critical for tomorrow’s air and space powerplants.

In the civil aviation sector, Safran Aircraft Engines develops, produces and markets the best-selling family of CFM56 turbofans through CFM International, a joint company equally owned with General Electric.

Safran Aircraft Engines designs, develops and builds military aircraft engines offering world-class performance. Our engines power over 20 different types of transport, training and combat aircraft for 41 armed forces around the world.

Safran Aircraft Engines leads the team of European companies that make propulsion systems and equipment for other launch vehicles, satellites and space vehicles.

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Task 1.1: Strategic decision making and project governance
Task 1.2: Scientific Coordination and technical review
Task 1.3: Project management and administration

WP2 : Validated tools for accurate PSD soot prediction

Task 2.1: Experiments correlated to soot formation
Task 2.2: Comprehension of phenomena related to soot formation and oxidation - detailed sub models
Task 2.3: Soot modelling for numerical simulations of turbulent flames
Task 2.4: Model validation and application

WP3 : Reliable cooling design for durable combustors

Task 3.1: Near-wall region improved description
Task 3.2: Understanding of heat transfer and cooling

WP4 : Innovative applications

Task 4.1: Combustor optimization for soot reduction
Task 4.2: Innovative low emission injection systems and thermal optimization of the combustor

WP5 : Dissemination and Exploitation

Task 5.1: Development of dissemination & communication plan
Task 5.2: Dissemination & communication
Task 5.3: Exploitation Planning
Task 5.4: IP Management
Task 5.5: Interaction with Regulatory networks